2016-11-18 Frédéric Perrin...and comment out the jquery_ui bit master
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinRe-enable AJAX_SELECT_BOOTSTRAP
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinDo error out on failure
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinUse django-ajax-selects for selecting tags and works
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinBring local site to date after update of the code
2016-11-17 Frédéric PerrinTrack requirements
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinAdd default ordering
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinAllow the href attribute on a link
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix valid_elements definition
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinSet locale to UK
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinLimit tags from tinymce and use strip in bleach rather...
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix URL redirection
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix display when quotes contain unicode
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinAdd a top-level page
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinFix link to work page
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinSeparate settings between deployment and production
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinFix the random page to not assume 1-based, no gap indexes
2016-11-10 Frédéric PerrinUse Django's linebreaks method
2016-11-10 Frédéric PerrinFix massimport URL
2016-11-09 Frédéric PerrinCreate an administrative interface
2016-11-06 Frédéric PerrinSimplify import
2016-11-06 Frédéric PerrinAdd a massimport page
2016-11-04 Frédéric PerrinFirst iteration towards doing a tag cloud
2016-11-04 Frédéric PerrinConvert to using pytest
2016-11-04 Frédéric PerrinAdd an index page
2016-11-04 Frédéric PerrinUse jQuery for some effects
2016-11-03 Frédéric PerrinAdd a search page
2016-11-03 Frédéric PerrinStart using pytest
2016-11-03 Frédéric PerrinAdd a search page
2016-11-03 Frédéric PerrinHTML DOCTYPE
2016-11-03 Frédéric PerrinMake it useable on smaller screens
2016-11-01 Frédéric PerrinAdd a simple display counter
2016-11-01 Frédéric PerrinFix template for HTML bits
2016-11-01 Frédéric PerrinRemove the buttons escaped by bleach from the tinymce...
2016-11-01 Frédéric PerrinImplement and use get_absolute_url
2016-11-01 Frédéric PerrinBetter implement tags, with separate namespaces
2016-10-31 Frédéric PerrinRevert "Use django-tagging for tags"
2016-10-31 Frédéric PerrinUse django-tagging for tags
2016-10-31 Frédéric PerrinAdd HTML validation
2016-10-19 Frédéric PerrinAdd TinyMCE
2016-10-18 Frédéric PerrinFix tag errors found by the new UT
2016-10-18 Frédéric PerrinValidate all pages in tests
2016-10-09 Frédéric PerrinReduce the amount of whitespace
2016-10-09 Frédéric PerrinAdd a pyflakes check, and fix the warnings
2016-10-09 Frédéric PerrinUse finer asserts from unittest
2016-10-09 Frédéric PerrinAdd testing for the 'random' page
2016-10-09 Frédéric PerrinAdd a 'work' concept
2016-10-02 Frédéric PerrinImprove presentation of individual quotes
2016-09-30 Frédéric PerrinRepair the /all/ page
2016-09-30 Frédéric PerrinOn the author page, don't display the author notes...
2016-09-30 Frédéric PerrinHide by default details about the quotes
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinAdd first UT
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinAdd the possibility of attaching notes to an author
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinAdd proper titles
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinAdd a perma-link
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinRename code from 'quotations' to 'quotes'
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinInitial migration
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinEnable the quotes app
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinInitial draft of the quotes app
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinImport quotes app structure
2016-09-28 Frédéric Perrin.gitignore
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinImport django project structure
2016-09-28 Frédéric PerrinInitial commit