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2016-11-18 Frédéric Perrin...and comment out the jquery_ui bit master
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinRe-enable AJAX_SELECT_BOOTSTRAP
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinDo error out on failure
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinUse django-ajax-selects for selecting tags and works
2016-11-18 Frédéric PerrinBring local site to date after update of the code
2016-11-17 Frédéric PerrinTrack requirements
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinAdd default ordering
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinAllow the href attribute on a link
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix valid_elements definition
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinSet locale to UK
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinLimit tags from tinymce and use strip in bleach rather...
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix URL redirection
2016-11-12 Frédéric PerrinFix display when quotes contain unicode
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinAdd a top-level page
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinFix link to work page
2016-11-11 Frédéric PerrinSeparate settings between deployment and production
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